Yesterday, I returned home from visiting my sister in Houston. She’d undergone her eighth surgery, this time to remove a brain tumor that caused a seizure. The doctors are pretty sure it’s the breast cancer that has metastasized, and travels within her cells, visiting  new locations.

It’s mind-numbing…pun intended.

People like to use the word, “surreal.” Well, Stephanie’s tumor was both surreal and real at once. One minute she seemed okay, and the next, she was on a stretcher, being raced to a nearby emergency room. Truth was – she wasn’t okay.

Following a three-and-a-half-hour operation and a three-day hospital stay, Stephanie was on her way home to convalesce. On day four, we were at Macy’s, shopping for an early Mother’s Day present. I wish I had a picture because you wouldn’t believe how remarkable she looked! Make-up, wedge shoes and her signature dark sunglasses – we looked like sisters enjoying an afternoon of retail therapy.

From the PERSPECTIVE of people in the mall that day, we didn’t have care in the world.

But from our PERSPECTIVE, that day signified a huge step in Stephanie’s recovery and the realization that had it not been for the seizure, she might still be unaware of the tumor, growing within her skull. If she had seized at home, instead of at work, would she have been alone or would her 15 year-old son have found her? What if she’d been driving?

At my age, considering the “what ifs” of life can sometimes prove pointless. But at other times, it can offer a little perspective.

On April 8th, I feared the seizure that consigned my sister to the hospital. Today, I see things differently.

I have a changed perspective.