Here I am waiting at the dermatologist’s office for my 10:00 appointment to erase the Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (or DPN) from my face. Never heard of it? I’ll bet you’ve seen it. Imagine Morgan Freeman’s face. Notice all those mole-looking spots on his cheeks? That’s probably DPN.

I know, right about now you’re probably (hopefully) thinking: you don’t look like Morgan Freeman. But it’s been more than a minute since I had those little skin lesions removed.

Which photo (14)is precisely why I am sitting in a waiting room, my face spotted with  white EMLA cream, while patients around me try not to stare. (One woman abandoned politeness all together and stared anyway. “Hey, I can see your tonsils !”)

I was given a couple of options. The doctor could use an innocuous-looking wand to deliver a current of electricity to the areas. Or she could freeze them, which might cause hyper-pigmentation. Then there was the acid option. Really…that’s an option?

I settled for the former treatment. Sure, it’s was a little painful. Honestly, it caused me to tear up a couple of times. But like my home-girl Queen Bey sings, Pretty Hurts. It just hurts more now.