pledge lineI never understood girls who claimed they got along better with guys than with other girls. I assumed that must be code for “friends with benefits.” Because I knew deep down that when my relationship with my boyfriend eventually failed, it would be my girlfriends who would put me back together again with a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough and a bottle of wine.  A guy would never do that.

Over the years, I formed most of my girlfriendships while pledging, going to school activities, working, and occasionally, while attending events with my husband. And I have always made a friend at the place frequented by all of Mommyhood – dun, dun, dun – play dates. Do you know how easy it is to bond over goldfish and sipper cups?

But it wasn’t until I walked my youngest kid to the bus stop and returned home that it hit me: WHERE DID MY GIRLFRIENDS GO? Getting older means letting go of the fantasy that every friend will be there when you cross the finish line; some will finish the race ahead of you. Others were never designed to travel with you for more than a season.

But the ones who endure through life’s boyfriends and husbands; bad hairstyles and cancer; cookie dough and really expensive bottles of wine, those girlfriends are forever!

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