We were getting together at a friend’s home to make  vision boards for the new year. (A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams, aspirations, and the things that make you happy.)

Before we could get started, there was an odd sound at the front door – a woman, yelling for help. It was Lisa, clutching her bloody forearm in pain. Nobody knew exactly what to do, so we applied pressure and dialed 911. The EMTs took her to the hospital.

Lisa arrived at the emergency room, flooded with panic  and guilt. She wept, “I was on my cell phone, fussing at my son because he hadn’t done something I asked him to do. I had a bottle of wine in my other hand. I was rushing! I should have been paying attention.”

It was icy out. The bottle fell and shattered just before Lisa landed arm-down in broken glass. The result? Several stitches, followed by surgery.

You know those times in life when you wish you could isolate that ONE moment and press the RESET button? Maybe Lisa should have brought over brownies instead of wine that night; or should have worn ice cleats; or maybe a hands-free device would have saved her. 

Maybe, but none of this is the point. Is it?

Lisa is guilty of the same things we are all guilty of: moving too fast, while doing too much. Her accident could have happened to any of us speeding out the driveway and denting the trash can; racing off to work and leaving our brand new laptop on the roof of the car; or slipping on the ice and severing a nerve.

Take a page from Lisa’s book. SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION or things may happen in life that force you to.