My friend Kelly has a graduating senior this year. Like many proud moms, Kelly took to Facebook to celebrate her son Jordan’s acceptance into college. Although not his “original” choice, Jordan ultimately selected Howard University in D.C., over several other institutions vying for his enrollment. Kelly had insisted that he apply to at least one Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). 

I wasn’t surprised by Jordan’s decision; I know the sound reputation that the university enjoys. But I wanted to share their story, because I believe it speaks volumes to people’s preconceived notions, and even ignorance, as to why someone would turn down acceptance to a predominately White-serving Institutions (PWIs) to attend an HBCU. 

But I’ll let her tell you, in her own words…

It’s been interesting to note the reactions of some people when they learn that Jordan has decided to go to Howard University. He and I talked about this just yesterday. You can see it in their expression, “why would someone supposedly so smart go there?” It is clear that to some he will be earning an unrespected degree from an inferior institution with no job prospects as a result. I know they are wrong. I am thrilled that he is going to an HBCU, it has been my hope for all three of my children since they were born. I am confident that as long as he does his work, Jordan will receive a stellar education.

The article linked below, written by a current HBCU student, addresses the concerns of any parent or student grappling with the issue “HBCU or no”. Just wanted to share.