Born from Friday night’s tragic shootings and brutal murders in Isla Vista, California, a greater conversation has emerged on social media. The hashtag Yes All Women is an outpouring in response to killer, Elliott Roger’s 137-page manifesto, in which he rails against women and humanity.

Instead of making the conversation about him, a broader dialogue has opened up about sexism, misogyny, and violence against women. As of this morning, #yesallwomen had been Tweeted more than one million times. Here are 12 that really caught my attention. What caught yours?


  1. Eliza Divine @MsElizaDivine: Because I’m not here for your enjoyment or entertainment. I have my own life’s purpose and it likely has nothing to do with you.
  2. Sheeby Clerk @sheblyclerk: Because we’ve been taught to fear completely harmless situations “just in case”.
  3. Missy Moo @beetrootlover41: Because magazines ‘for women’ focus solely on gossip, fashion, cooking, and articles on how to get or please a man.
  4. @toreyischill: Because talking about domestic abuse and rape is uncomfortable and awkward, but making crude jokes about it isn’t.
  5. Bethany Jayne @bethanyFae: Because women get guilt tripped by an entire community when they feel uncomfortable & “won’t give that guy a chance”.
  6. Megan Rose @DarthMeg: Because when I was 10 years old, my grandma told me to lose weight or I’d never be able to find a husband.
  7. Tara D @anateboteo: Because when my boyfriends mother comes over and sees him doing dishes she says “but you have two women in the house habibi!”
  8. Jess @jessicarudnicki: Because you are not going to take feminism away from me and call me bossy/hostile/aggressive and make this about yourself.
  9. Shawnelle Martineaux @nellemartineaux: Because when we express ourselves we’re automatically assumed to be on our period.
  10. Cassy @cassyhough: For every single time a guy put me down for being smart/funny/loud and called me “intimidating” instead of “awesome.”
  11. Paige Marie @peeg13: Because when girls go to college they’re buying pepper spray and rape whistles while guys are buying condoms.
  12. Macyn @MaciKorfhage: I feel the need to say “I have a boyfriend” instead of “No” because guys respect other men more than they respect me.

And my own @realmofoya:
#yesallwomen Because if I don’t know you, don’t put your hands on me.