Long before I ever wanted to be a Huxtable, I wanted to be a Brady. Not the “Time to Change” singing Bradys, but the Brady Bunch family. I thought I might have a chance after cousin Oliver came to live with them. The show might need an additional girl to keep the cast balanced. Never mind that I am black; I could have been adopted. In my mind, the Bradys were the the ideal family. They had two loving parents, an equal number of boys and girls, Jack-n-Jill bathrooms, and a dog, named Tiger. But I may have REALLY wanted to be a Brady because:

  1. They lived in a two-story home. Having spent grades K-12 in a rancher, I always wanted an upstairs with a banister. I finally got the privilege to carry laundry down the stairs after I got married. (YAY ME!)
  2. They owned a station wagon. When I was younger, I remember asking my parents if we could get a station wagon. I’m not exactly sure what my mother said, but it was something like  she was too hip to drive a station wagon…a point I later understood when my oldest son asked that we get a minivan.
  3. And the Bradys had a live-in maid. To be more precise, they had Alice. She took care of the family; Alice did the cooking dusting, and vacuuming. That left the Brady kids free to do homework at the kitchen table, play outside on the artificial turf, and talk to Alice about their problems.

…which brings me to the reason for this post. alice2n-1-web Ann B. Davis (Alice) died last night in San Antonio. After leaving the show, Ann became a Christian who spent her later years living her faith and doing church work. I’m sure she will be missed more than the two-story house or the station wagon. R.I.P. Alice.