IS IT JUST ME or has the last month of your life been a whirlwind of hyper activity? I’m talking to those with school-aged kids, who are just trying to survive the end of the school year without having EVERY hair on your head turn gray.

When my kids were young, I used-to dread the approach of summer. I couldn’t understand why friends with older children eagerly looked forward to summer break. I thought I was being a “bad” mother,

now I know better.

It’s because the wind-down of the school year is actually a ramp-up for every extracurricular and non-curricular activity imaginable. At least the Christmas holiday only lasts a week. By January 2nd, it’s all over.

But the end of the school year starts in May and doesn’t let up until it has zapped every ounce of strength from my “I-so-need-to-be-at-the-gym” biceps. Have a peek at our schedule. I didn’t have the energy to write a complete list; my forearms are too weak:

May 3 – Junior Prom
May 6 – 8th Grade Dance Committee meeting to address invitations
May 7 – Teacher Appreciation Week Volunteer serving Rita’s Ice in the teacher’s lounge
May 9 – Band Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure
May 12  – State Band Competition
May 17 – Mayfest PTA Volunteer serving nachos: “Would you like cheese on top or on the side?”
May 22 – 8th Grade Dance Ticket sales
May 23 – 8th Grade Cruise
May 29 – Spring Choral Concert and New Parent Athletic Orientation (same night; different schools)
May 30 – Field Day
Jun 3 – Spring Strings Concert chaperoning  3rd, 4th ,and 5th graders before their performances
Jun 4 – Summer Pops Concert and Enrichment Fair (same night; different schools)
Jun 6 – 8th Grade Dance committee-related task followed by Uniform Sales Set-Up (as an incoming freshman parent volunteer)
Jun 7 – Uniform Sales and SAT exam
Jun 10 – School Coffee & Conversation meeting followed by After School Driving Lesson
Jun 11 – 8th Grade Band Banquet
Jun 13 – 8th Grade Dance Volunteer serving dinner 
Jun 17-20 – Finals
Jun 19 – 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony Volunteer serving refreshments

Before you get the impression that I’m pulling a “my-list-is-longer-than-your-list,” think again! We are ALL working hard to support our children. I am one example among millions.

On a lighter note, I finally got the chance to spend a little time with a neighbor (and friend) who lives two houses away. I’m sure you’ve already guessed where we reconnected – at last night’s concert, of course.