Me: Good Morning Son.
#1 Son: mum (sound with closed lips, not wanting to speak).
Me: Come in for a second and sit down.
#1 Son complies.
Me: How did you sleep last night?
#1 Son: I slept okay.
Me: Just okay?
#1 Son: Yeah.
Me: Did you have trouble sleeping?
#1 Son: No.
Me: But you slept in your bedroom last night, right? You didn’t have to sleep on the streets?
#1 Son: What? No. I slept in my bed.
Me: And your bed – Did you have it to yourself or did you have to share it with your brothers?
#1 Son: (Eye roll.) I slept in my bed, in my room. Alone.
Me: Oh, and were you comfortable? Did you have a pillow and nice bedding to keep you warm.
#1 Son: Yeah.
Me: Did the AC work in your room so that the temperature was a perfect 65 degrees?
#1 Son: Yes. Was it really THAT cold?
Me: And did you wake up this morning with bites all over your body?
#1 Son: From what?
Me: I don’t know…bites from malaria-carrying mosquitoes or disease-laden rats?

#1 Son (silence…then a smile.)

Me: So I guess when I asked you how you slept, you probably should have answered differently, huh?

#1 Son: I slept well, Mom.