Tonight’s assignment is to write about anything at all, with one constraint. I can only write for ten minutes – no more, no less.

As I mentally unpack my day, I am struggling to remember what I did. TRANSLATION: I wasn’t very productive. I did take advantage of the nice weather and go for an hour-long walk with friends, but besides that, I seemed to have accomplished very little. That’s in part why I am writing now. I want to accomplish something today.

After our walk, I remember showering. I know I did because I don’t stink, and my hair is big and puffy again. My son calls it “pillow hair,” which he pronounces – PAL-LOW.

I cooked dinner. I was supposed to go to Back-to-School night, my second in as many days, but that was canceled due to a “minor” gas leak at school. I’m not sure what constitutes a minor gas leak, but since nothing exploded, it looks like classes on are on for tomorrow.

Oh, and I nearly got the red dry erase marker out of my son’s neon green shorts (which he insists on calling NEON, although I’ve tried to explain that NEON is not a color). There is still a trace of pink, but he doesn’t care. He’s ten.

What else didn’t I do today: I didn’t have a glass of wine; I didn’t finish