I have two teenage boys, which means that most of the time, the pretend not to like me; rarely initiate spending time with me; and they LIVE to hole-up in their bedrooms: doors shut, headphones on.

So the other day as I sat alone on the sofa, watching TV, a little 30-second commercial grabbed my heart. It featured a working-class family, after the dad returned home from shift work. He was tired. In the background, sat a little boy, about nine years old, eating breakfast. Listening.

The next time we see him, it’s dark out. And he’s getting out of bed. The light from the refrigerator shows him retrieving a half gallon of milk, while carrying a box of Cheerios. His dad walks into the kitchen and demands to know why the kid is out of bed…just before “Max” confesses that he got up because he wanted to have breakfast with his dad.

Stupid Cheerios. You’re going to make me walk downstairs and have a bowl of cereal with my teenagers tomorrow morning, aren’t you?