Navigating the Middle

through adolescents, menopause, aging parents & other flying debris


January 2015

Who’s The Boss?

I’m trying, but I’ll admit it: I have a bad attitude this morning. I don’t want to be here. Not like people who say they don’t like hospitals or who don’t like funerals. NONE of us likes those things.

Chemo is a different. I want it because it’s working. I don’t want it because after ten days of treatments, that’s what chemo does to a person. It turns into the beast that steals your joy.

I’m trying to be joyful. I’ve even dressed for the party. Today’s true test will be to see who wins.

The morning’s score: Chemo – 1; Joyfulness – 0.

Time to fight like a BOSS.




Results from PET Scan Are Back!

I had to ask: “Does this mean I don’t have to continue with the chemo?”
What do you think my doctor said?

Blood Transfusion NOT Required

Cycle 2 of 6 Complete

Two days AFTER my second five-day cycle of chemotherapy, this is how I am feeling now…and I mean RIGHT NOW. It’s a moving target! #UntiedToChemo

Chemo-to-Go: Cycle 2, Day 1

It began again today: pre-treatment, saline, and Rituxan. And for the next 96 hours, I will be tethered to this little black bag that holds a chemo pump and a bag of my favorite drug combo: Adriamycin, Oncovin, and Etoposide. As each bag empties over a 24-hour period, it will be replaced with another until the final bag of Cyclophosphamide is hung and emptied on Friday.  #BadHairDayButGreatDaytoBeAlive

Behind the Scenes of My New Hair Cut

After delaying it as long as I could, it was finally time to have my head shaved. The last time, Bonnie Grauer shaved it; this time, Jeff did the honors. He’s been bald for over a decade, so I he’s kind of an expert. (just saying)

And I think he did a pretty good job.

HAPPY 2015! 


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Navigating the Middle

through adolescents, menopause, aging parents & other flying debris

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