Yesterday was Easter Sunday. It was also Day 3 of Cycle 6, which means I am nearing the end of the chemo part of my journey. Realizing this should have brought me great joy, but in truth, Day 3 is always the hardest for me. It is the day when I have to reach deep within to steady myself for chemo.

Day 3 is my saddest day.

I was trying to distract myself with Facebook when I came across a post about a college sorority sister who had succumbed to cancer. Her birthday was April 5th and her date with eternity was April 6th, Easter. I called up my pledge sister to reflect on Stacie’s four-year battle. When we said “good-bye” my soror left me with the image of Jesus raising from the tomb, taking Stacie’s hand in His own, and ushering her into eternity with Him.

It was a profoundly beautiful and comforting image, one that made me appreciate that not everyone gets a Day 3. Perhaps I should be grateful for mine…as I am grateful to all of you.