Today is the official start of chemo, cycle 4. Arriving at this point, has been emotionally challenging. Not everyday, just the ones that were snow-covered, requiring trips to the clinic or doctor’s office, that left me feeling like, “This next round will not be okay.”

But 10+ hours into my treatment, I am doing well, just EXTREMELY fatigued. Each footstep up the stairs to my bedroom leaves impressions like footholds up a mountain, my mountain. As I began to consider how I will slay this beast, I open my Facebook page to read the words of Sharon, a dear friend.

Uncertainty in any season is difficult. The mountain looms high in order to meet its opponent. In my estimation, the greater the opponent the more challenging the climb. The warrior is often BOTH fearless and afraid, tough and gentle, confident and unsure. Our mountains are littered with obstacles that in time teach us, and strengthen us even in our difficult seasons. Because you are blazing the trail, you cannot know each turn but trust the finish is there, waiting for you to cross, to plant your flag, to show all of us the goodness of God. Your victory is claimed, this “climb” is not given to the swift nor the strong but to YOU who will endure. And while you can know you will endure in the end it does not soften the terrain of your climb. Just know you have so many who here to lift you up when you are feeling down and literally remind you as much as you need that the crest is awaiting you, so rest for a minute and then get back up and keep climbing girl! We need you. We love you. 

Tonight, my mountain doesn’t loom so large. It remains in place, shrowded in clouds, but there are stairs to help me find my way.