If you get your son a binder,
He’s going to tell you that he doesn’t like it.

If you return the binder to Target,
you’ll want to replace it with another.

Finding the one you want will take you to the other side of the store,
where you’ll pass the women’s workout gear.

A white “t-shirt” will catch your eye.

Seeing the t-shirt will remind you of Kelly’s “White Party.”
You’ll drop the shirt into the cart.

Kelly’s party will make you think of Austin’s upcoming birthday.
He’s turning ten.

You’ll scour the toys section before placing a board game in the cart.
Of course you’ll also need a birthday card to go with it.

Three little boys will fight over birthday cards next to you.

Listening to the boys bicker, will remind you of Lego’s.
The Lego’s will make you wish for a way to organize the bricks.

You’ll leave with the card, to find the Ziploc bags.

Walking through the snacks will remind you that you’re hungry.
you’ll grab popcorn from the end cap and toss it into the cart.

You’ll find the Ziploc bags; they’ll go in the cart too.

Remembering that teachers always need “something” you’ll head to the back-to-school section.
Standing there, you realize that your kids need summer activity books.
You’ll settle on a writing guide.

Reading over the writing guide will remind you why you came into Target.

And you’ll walk a few aisles over and get your son a binder.