NBA Finals, start this Thursday. And just like last year, there will be a match-up between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat.

Before tonight, I hadn’t given much thought to the Finals. I’m one of those people who turns on the news the morning after and discovers the score: Spurs – 94; Heat – 82.

My father-in-law, Jerry is not like me. He knows precisely where and when the games will be played. And he really likes LaBron.

“Who do you want to win?” He asked, before giving me a chance to respond. “Don’t tell me San Antonio!”

Now for the record, not only did we live in San Antonio for three years, but I’m a native Texan. I have lived in most of its major cities. I attended the UT (Hook ‘Em). And I know the difference between an SUV and a truck. So I had to explain it to him: “I’m a Texan, and if a team from Texas plays a team that is NOT from Texas, I always want the Texas team to win.”

“I’m from Texas,” reminding me that he was born there. “But I want to see a 3-peat.”

“Nah! You’re not a Texan; you left and didn’t go back. You’re more like LaBron….”
whom I actually like too. 🙂

Let the games begin. GO SPURS!